Energy Savings

Investment in energy efficiency makes good economic sense. Saving energy means real financial returns in the form of lower utility bills, reduced maintenance costs, and increased property values. When our clients spend money on energy efficiency, they know that their return-on-investment criteria will be met.

Engineering + Economics

The cost/benefit analyses for cutting-edge technologies are constantly in flux, as are the available government and industry programs that enhance savings opportunities. ERG is a team of experienced architects and engineers with a proven track record of saving energy and maximizing economic opportunity for our clients.

Our Services

ERG specializes in comprehensive energy audits, retrofit design & implementation, building systems design for new construction, building commissioning & recommissioning, energy efficiency cost/benefit analysis, building energy modeling and design, and application assistance for energy efficiency loans and subsidies.
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About Energy Resources Group

Energy Resources Group was founded in 1975 to manage the cost-effective implementation of environmental and energy efficient technologies. For over 40 years, ERG has helped clients realize significant financial returns on their investments in cutting edge energy efficiency.

Our core areas of competency are in the design and implementation of energy efficiency programs for both new construction and retrofits. The ERG team blends architectural and engineering expertise to ensure optimal efficiency from an integrated building systems perspective.

The numbers speak for themselves. Clients consistently realize 30%, 40%, even 50% savings on their utility bills. New technology investments can pay back in 2-6 years. Traditional ROI goals are met and exceeded when the money is spent on energy efficiency. These are results that let us know environmentally sound design makes good economic sense.

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